Microz is a flexible company, specialized in the development, composition and production of food supplements. The basis of these supplements consists of herbs, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and other substances found naturally in the human body.

The foundation for Microz was laid in 1986 by pharmacist Frank Sikkes and entrepreneur/pharmacist and former director Wim Jennen, when the latter established a company called Laboratorium Born, producing food supplements, initially focusing on the sports market.

When Wim passed away in 2005, the team he had built in the previous years, took over and developed Microz into a high-end contract manufacturer with a clear vision for the future:

“Being industry leader in the European Union in the field of the development and manufacturing of high-grade food supplements and a reliable partner with a full service concept as the main feature.”


Our Research & Development department (tel. no. +31 (0) 46 423 5161) will answer all your questions regarding product development, quality and technical aspects, dosage and physiology. Knowledge, quality based on the stringent selection of ingredients, a high service level and flexibility in order sizes are key points of the service offered by Microz.